A vacuum cleaner with vacuum tube, shi caihang is special vacuum hose is suitable for all kinds of bad working environment, suction dust protection respiratory health

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-30

a vacuum cleaner with vacuum tube, shi caihang is special vacuum hose is suitable for the suction dust in all sorts of bad working environment, to protect the respiratory health, commonly used nylon mesh cloth, polyester, thermoplastic or PVC materials. With a scalable design commonly, have high temperature resistant, acid resistant, flame retardant, insulation, barge features such as freedom, light volume, applicable but not limited to philips, good luck, LG, haier, midea, electrolux, sanyo and other household vacuum cleaner and central vacuum cleaner, as long as the size of the pipe diameter, can not leak fitting in, antistatic vacuum tube with ventilation equipment widely used in computer room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, underground cable maintenance, machinery, shipbuilding, fire rescue negative work environment, such as smoke, air supply and exhaust, set in addition to the dust.

dust is harm to human body some relatively poor working environment, as the cause of the long-term inhalation of relatively high concentration of dust can cause lung diffuse, progressive fibrosis of systemic disease ( Pneumoconiosis) ; Such as inhaled toxic dust, such as lead, copper, zinc, manganese can dissolve in the bronchial wall and be absorbed, by the blood to the body parts, cause systemic poisoning. In the stage of production preparation: boiler, gas stoker, ash, furnace operation, solid fuel crushing, conveying,; Stone processing, stone grinding and wood dust may be produced in the process of production operation; (abrasive manufacturing operations Such as grinding wheel, abrasive, abrasive cloth) Refining, crushing, fine sieve, packaging, sand sand homework; The application of welding materials production process operation; Electrical porcelain ( An insulator) Process of potter assignments, etc. Dust hazard is so big, determined to solve this problem, and a vacuum cleaner with vacuum tube, shi caihang dedicated vacuum hose can completely solve the problem.

a vacuum cleaner with vacuum tube, shi caihang dedicated vacuum hose has high tensile, Zhang Liqiang, tear strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to flex, penetration resistance, good low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other properties, and have good resilience and long service life. Wall with steel wire strengthen, and plastic coated metal hose has a strong ability to resist pressure, high pressure and vacuum resistance, axial strength, high wear resistance; Good chemical and antistatic vacuum tube as strong electrostatic properties, the vacuum hose also can be used as a health level plastic hose to transport food particles of materials and medicine, and won't produce pollution to these materials.

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