Any flexible round duct stock in Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment?
Shanghai Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.'s products are stored in our own factory. If you want , you are welcome to contact our staff for detailed advice. Usually, our factory stores regular products can also provide sample. If you need some custom services, then we can tailor the product to your needs. But it takes longer to get the goods you want.

Xuanyuan is a reliable company known for combi flexible duct. The hvac duct series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Xuanyuan combi ducting has been tested in many aspects, such as user interface options, display options, additional output options, and environmental parameters. It can maintain its structural integrity with ease. This product stands out for its good resistance to flexing. It has passed a bending performance test designed to determine the material resistance to cut growth during repeated bending cycles. Its ends are plain cut, allowing for an easy installation process.

Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment aims to structure high temperature flexible tubing as its service philosophy. Contact!
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