Biopharmaceutical silicone hose is a through the eu ROHS and FDA, size stability, delivery accurate food-grade silicone hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-10

biopharmaceutical silicone hose is a through the eu ROHS and FDA, stable size, delivery accurate food-grade silicone hose, USES the import high quality silicone rubber raw material and platinum catalytic system, and manufactured with a unique extrusion process, but also has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, low temperature - resistance 100 ℃ high temperature 250 ℃, the product, no yellowing. Product has passed the European Union ROHS and the FDA. Its appearance is colorless, transparent, both inside and outside surface is smooth; Food-grade silicone hose resistance to tear at the same time not decompose the smell and taste; Has good physical and mechanical properties, high tear strength, low in protein binding power, can be used to transport all kinds of food and beverage, can also be used for precision equipment of all kinds of liquid. Widely used in the system of wine packaging, milk and other related food industry. Such as coffee POTS, KaiShuiHu, electric rice cooker, deep fryer, disinfection cabinet, water dispensers, fruit pulp machine, bread machine, refrigerator, crisper ( Stud the silicone seal) And so on food grade equipment and instruments.

biopharmaceutical made from silicone hose with biological pharmaceutical grade elastomer, or more than the USP 23 cass VI, the FDA 21 CFR - 177260, USDA and 3 a standard, used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing process of liquid transfer, filling and steam, the transfer of air when design is bending; Can be used to transport milk, milk, fruit juice, jam, beer, wine and other medium, will not affect delivery product color, smell, etc. , food-grade silicone hose fundamentally solved some national defense, civilian industry, form a complete set of equipment needed for used as sensitive element in various regulator diaphragm, instrument with heating tablets, acupuncture rubber sheet resistance ( High make silicone rubber) 。 Light colored lights. Drying oven. The electric stove. Far infrared heater sealer, fillet. Sponge sealer ( Replace toxic asbestos sealer) 。 Seal of the boiler. The hose and sealing refrigeration equipment. Instrument shock absorbers. All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire ( Used for electric radiant, coil. Transformer. Transformer. As a lead wire) Refrigerator frost line. Plus hotline, etc.

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