Braided food-grade silicone tube is a cip acid-base disinfection can tolerance or sip high-performance food-grade silicone rubber tube steam disinfection

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-28

braided food-grade silicone tube is a cip acid-base disinfection can tolerance or sip steam sterilization of high-performance food-grade silicone rubber tube, using the United States dow corning silicone elastic steel wire spiral firmly implanted tube wall, so as to strengthen the food grade hose compressive transmission capacity, optimize external liquidity the internal structure of smooth wall non-stick water, high axial intensity, high intensity, and the tear strength; Good scalability in low temperature, small bending radius, not easy knot, do not contain softener and halogen, gas and liquid does not leak, ideal for processing CIP solution, through the spiral wire grounding can be static, can withstand the about - 40° C - 200 & deg; C temperature, conductive silicone rubber can be used in the electronics industry, good flexible, founder, easy to wear plates, high product health environmental protection grade, can easily through the eu ROHS, FDA, Germany LMBG food-grade and strict testing is widely used in aviation, electronics, lighting, mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, medical, food, baking oven, toys and other industries.

braided food-grade silicone tube in accordance with GMP requirements, the introduction of German production equipment, technology and raw materials, comply with fda woven layer of silicone tube, the meet fda CFR 177. 2600, USP Class VI, ISO 10993 and E. P 3。 1. 9 standard material, temperature, compression, chemicals and environmental exposure, ozone, radiation, moisture, tube surface is very smooth, can avoid the growth of bacteria, reduce the adsorption of fluid under pressure conveying smoothly, has the very high transmission capacity, and easy cleaning; Fluid dissolution, not pollution, non-toxic, food-grade silicone rubber tube performance conforms to the United States pharmacopoeia ( USP) 3 edition 6 20 specifications; 3 - A health standard and the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) Chapter 21, 177. 2600 section of the specification, is the laboratory, biotechnology, food production, and pharmaceutical factory in the choice of fluid conveying.

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