Contains no plasticizer food hose, plasticizer, food-grade lose wine with steel tube completely solve brewery company plasticizer deadly crisis

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-21

contains no plasticizer food hose, plasticizer, food-grade lose wine with steel hose thoroughly solve the problem of brewery company plasticizer deadly crisis, the tube body: the FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600 and 178. 2010, the EC regulation 2002/72 / EC, including 2007/19 / EC of recent changes to regulations, eu rules XXXIX BFRS, conform to the safety/FDA specification can be safely used for food purposes, according to GB/T 21928 - 2008 'food plastic packaging materials on the determination of phthalates in' method to carry on the strict test, the series of food grade hose GB9685 - 2008 the food containers and packaging materials used additives health standard 'in the limit of the content of phthalates contains no plasticizer plasticizer,, is a kind of high performance and environmentally friendly hose.

contains no plasticizer food hose, plasticizer, food-grade lose GB9684 - wine with steel tube through the lattice Without plasticizer to recognize - 2011 The indication and GB13115 - 91 food grade; USES is environmentally friendly TPU material, after the FDA inspection authority approved by the court - polyether type The poly (that install ester E- PUR) Materials can be used for a long time, antibacterial and hydrolysis, good chemical resistance, resistance to wear and tear, wall smooth; Wall thick, resistance to high pressure, corrosion resistant performance is good, does not decompose the smell and taste; Smooth wall non-stick water; Can be high temperature and high pressure sterilization disinfection, this series of food grade hose widely used Yu Chaochun liquid transmission, white wine, red wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages with, transmission disinfection liquid filling and transport, food and fruit juice drinks transmission, dairy products contain 50% alcohol concentration liquid pressure and vacuum extraction.

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