Contains no plasticizer hose suitable for edible oil, vegetable oil, tea oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil transportation

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-15

suitable for edible oil contains no plasticizer hose & middot; Vegetable oil & middot; Tea oil & middot; Walnut oil & middot; Rapeseed oil & middot; Cottonseed oil & middot; Sunflower oil & middot; Palm kernel oil & middot; Cottonseed oil & middot; Soybean oil & middot; Rapeseed oil & middot; Coconut oil & middot; Blend oil & middot; Corn oil & middot; Tea seed oil & middot; Sesame oil & middot; Rice bran oil & middot; Castor oil & middot; Olive oil & middot; Linseed oil & middot; Safflower oil & middot; Cottonseed oil & middot; Peanut oil & middot; Walnut oil & middot; Grape seed oil & middot; Pumpkin seed oil transport, it is by inside fiber reinforced protectionlayer, middle layer and external rubber cover, adding wire forming solved the hose in the process of oil electrostatic problems, anti-static hose belong to high quality, light weight, high pressure, high transmission efficiency, texture soft, volume, convenient operation, laying and roll-up fast, flexible, strong adaptability to environment, the advantages of safe, reliable and durable, used in some occasions instead of steel tube and rubber hose.

contains no plasticizer hose Yu Zaizheng pressure under the condition of delivery apply to all kinds of oil gas, it is to use copper wire inserted in the hose to prevent the pipe blockage due to electrostatic phenomena, avoid the user get an electric shock or feel current shock, oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance, high temperature resistant performance is good, soft light, bending, easy to operate, oil refinery, oil port loading and unloading of various oil, solvent, acid and alkali, low boiling point, liquefied gas and use a line, anti-static hose belong to high quality, generally used for prone to electrostatic places such as buildings, factories, mines, oil depot, oil fields, oil transportation, transportation vehicles, etc. , as all kinds of gas, liquid, powder, dust, etc.

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