Contains no plasticizer oil hose, contains no plasticizer extraction hose are made from raw material processing

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-23

contains no plasticizer oil hose, hose contains no plasticizer extraction characteristics: 1. The products are made from raw material processing, the transparency is high, easy to confirm the flow of content, light, soft, strong durability. In the condition of vacuum and high pressure, to maintain a prototype.

2。 This product has high transparency, tasteless, non-toxic, high transparency, high temperature resistant, low temperature, long service life, long time using the same hard, do not change color, the same yellow, do not spray frost, etc. 3. This product has good physical and mechanical properties, high tear strength, low in protein binding power, can be used to transport all kinds of food, beverage and all kinds of liquid, widely used in various industries food grade equipment and instruments. Contains no plasticizer oil hose, contains no plasticizer extraction according to use can be divided into industrial hose ( Specialized conveying water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical materials, etc. ) And food grade ( Food factory conveying juice, milk, water, transport liquor distillery, beer, etc. ) , wind power generation, drainage, oil absorption, low concentration of chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder material. No matter use, material itself for & other; No corrosive & throughout; “ Low concentrations of chemicals & throughout; Material. Contains no plasticizer oil hose, hose contains no plasticizer extraction of embedded steel skeleton of PVC hose. Inside and outside wall transparent, smooth, no bubbles, fluid conveying is clearly visible; Low concentration of acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, not easy ageing, long service life; Resistance to high pressure, can maintain the original state under high vacuum. 1, high elasticity, high strength galvanized wire, high quality PVC composite materials; 2. Clear transparent tube body, good flexibility, small bending radius; 3. High negative pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life; 4. Used in agricultural machinery, oil pump, petrochemical equipment, industrial engineering, mining, food manufacturing, and other fields of liquid, gas, oil, dust suction line.
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