Corrugated steel corrugated hose, plastic hose is imported TPU material and high strength plastic steel spiral steel wire strengthen development and into

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-26

steel corrugated hose, plastic corrugated hose is imported TPU material and high strength plastic steel spiral steel wire strengthen development and become, have qualitative light, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, high transparency, good resistance, small bending radius, negative pressure, under the vacuum state to maintain a prototype. In temperature also can maintain good flexibility. Some strength and service life, this series of corrugated pipe suitable for use in industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, sanitary industry such as vacuum suction powder, granule, conveying water, oil, chemical material, food, etc. , in agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depot, pumping sand, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas emissions, powder, dust absorption, and other fields has a wide range of USES.

steel corrugated hose, plastic hose corrugation flexibility is solid stainless steel wire coating on tube, antistatic. Wall: - polyether type The poly (that install ester E- PUR) , the lining is smooth; Wall thick, resistance to high pressure, corrosion resistant performance is good, can be widely used in industry, agriculture, water conservancy, fishery, civil engineering, food, health, petroleum chemical industry, etc, the series of corrugated pipe is a high pressure pump, pipe conveying water, oil, powder particles, PVC pipes, rubber hose, metal pipe alternative products, can be used in the factory, farmland irrigation, coal mines, oil depot, winery, liquid food and pumping sand, sand blasting equipment, exhaust and vending machine, ice crusher and refrigerators and other ancillary equipment.

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