Does Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment have forwarder?
Yes. Shanghai Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. has used some experienced commercial freight forwarders to be our logistics partners. They have a good command of the shipping companies, the documentation, and the customs laws of various countries. They can help with the correct filing of export documentation, all arrangements with carriers, packing, crating and storage needs. This means the good freight forwarding service delivered by them can save both us and our customers untold time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates.

Xuanyuan uses advanced equipment to produce high quality products. The insulation flexible duct series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The manufacturing process of Xuanyuan acoustic flexible duct proceeds as follows: the procurement of raw materials, parts and components processing, plating and anodizing, complete mechanical assembly, and testing. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This product is highly resistant to flexure. It is not prone to continuous flexing in walking or running and can remain its original shape. It can provide thermal comfort and improved indoor air quality.

Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment aims to structure acoustical flex duct as its service principle. Ask online!
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