Explanations of purposes of the performance of stainless steel hose, stainless steel metal hose is introduced

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-28

stainless steel hose, stainless steel metal hose with good flexibility and heat resistance, pressure, corrosion resistance, suitable for steam, water, oil class and various industrial gases, medicines and other medium. Stainless steel hose, stainless steel metal hose is one of the modern industrial line of high quality flexible pipe. It is mainly composed of stainless steel hose, stainless steel wire mesh and metal hose connector. Stainless steel hose, stainless steel metal hose is all very thin-walled seamless or welded stainless steel pipe through high precision plastic forming processing. Due to the elastic properties of corrugated tube profile determines the hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation of cyclic load, especially in the pipeline system has the ability to compensate for large displacement. Metal hose corrugated pipe has two forms: one is a circular metal hose, a spiral metal hose. Nominal size of the metal hose range for DN6 - 1000 mm, the length is optional. Spiral metal hose corrugated spiraling is arranged in the tubular shell, between the adjacent two corrugated a helix Angle, all corrugated can be connected by a spiral line. Ring closure of circular ring is metal hose corrugated tube shell, between wave and wave composed of circle ripples in series. Annular metal hose from seamless pipe or welded pipe forming processing. Subject to the limit of the processing method, compared with the spiral corrugated pipe, the length of single tube usually shorter. Annular metal hose has the advantage of good elasticity, small stiffness. Stainless steel wire mesh is woven metal hose is installed on the main bearing parts, in the pressure pipeline of metal hose protection at the same time, according to the size of the pipeline pressure and application of place, can choose a layer or layers of stainless steel wire or steel belt is woven by according to certain parameters, formation of resistance to high pressure metal hose, generally ask PN0 pressure range. 6 - 32. 0 mpa, up to 42. 0MPa。 Stainless steel net sets are mainly steel wire net and steel belt network set of two types. Metal hose main parts of austenitic stainless steel materials, thus ensuring the good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal hose, metal hose working temperature range is great, for - 196 - 600 ℃, in actual use process, the metal hose materials should be selected according to the pipeline medium grade choose corresponding stainless steel corrosion, and can ensure the corrosion resistance of metal hose. Metal hose three functions: to reduce the installation of pipe stress, rated compensation pipe position, to absorb the vibration of the pipeline system. The application of metal hose: need fully flexible duct, to prevent vibration in matching, for steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical, etc all can use.

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