Flexible metal wire to protect casing shielding performance is good, test results show that the same as the steel pipe

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-24

flexible metal wire to protect casing shielding performance is good, the test results show that the same as the steel tube, using thickening the galvanized steel belt, outer wave oil resistant PVC coating, surface concave and convex type; Bending performance is good, resistance to trample; Has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, good shielding, tensile resistance, UV ultraviolet ray; Widely used in car, subway, train, aerospace, machinery, oil fields, steamers, wire harness, cable protection; When the strong protection tube; Particularly suitable for automobile wiring is special, can also be used for machine tool mechanical, automation instrument, electrical motors, wear protection cable wire is not affected by external forces and insulation; Usage: insert the cable into the protective sleeve tube, flexible metal wire in the match, sharp series hose connection corresponding model can be used.

flexible metal wire to protect casing has the following unique advantages:

1, the tube light weight, only a quarter of the steel pipe weight, therefore energy-saving listed by the state development planning commission of energy saving material project.

2, corrosion resistance is superior, as a result of using stainless steel belt or the use of special galvanized process, the corrosion resistance steel tube and metal hose cannot match.

3, shielding performance is good, the test results show that the same as the steel pipe.

4, unlimited length, according to the needs of engineering, arbitrary cut, therefore reducing the consumption of the fraction.

5, the threaded pipe appearance, have corresponding all kinds of accessories, bending no machinery, as long as the special-purpose cutter cutting site construction, is very convenient, in the construction and decoration application working hours can be saved 40% 90%. Six times in the shipbuilding industry can improve the work efficiency.

6, the tube has good strength, good insulation, and can be embedded in reinforced concrete, and can according to need to finalize the design makes up for the steel pipe.

7, and metal hose and PVC pipe construction weakness in certain occasions.

8。 Bring their own thread, convenient connection: casing has thread form, do not need to pick thread, cut off, no matter in any place can use the connector with wire tube equipment, motor reliably connected. Even in the field of complex internal structure, can have a quick and simple piping

9. Seismic resistance to water, good strength, because of the characteristic of the material and structure, the piping as part of the flexible pipe series, so the seismic, excellent shock resistance, casing using pure wood pulp waterproof electrical insulating paper for sleeve lining material, has the characteristics of water resistance, and can be embedded in concrete frame in advance, protect wires from damage.

10。 Cut off is simple, easy processing, with special casing cutting knife, simply cut and cross section is very bright and clean and tidy, do not need to use saw, such as a vice. Also do not need to processing of incision, don't need to carry to pick thread tools, bending machine, etc. , only USES the calipers and knife easily at the scene construction

11. Small amounts of light body, carrying convenient: the selection of raw materials processed by the special craft, novel casing structure are of good quality, the tube light weight, roll into a disc, small size, can easily carry to the heights of the buildings, eliminate the operation risk.

12。 Free bending, modelling is beautiful: the tube can literally bending, bending parts can maintain its shape, also can control by hand, don't need methods of bending machine or complex.

13。 Corrosion insulation, flame retardant and heat insulation: stainless steel belt surface, has excellent corrosion resistance, casing with wood pulp as inner material, water resistant electrician paper has excellent electrical insulation properties. Acid, alkali, salt and chemical performance better, fire control indicators meet the national standard.

14。 Explosion proof dust, good shielding: Ann type, flame-proof around the hose be used in the dust, inflammable and explosive gas and other special places of explosion-proof electrical, instrumentation equipment, such as the protection of the electrical wiring. Shielding effect is good, in industry applications such as communications, fire alarm, copper casing shielding effect is better. Aluminum casing non-toxic harmless.

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