Food delivery hose, juice health level hose choose material conforms to the American food and drug administration (FDA) and other quality system standard

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-02

food delivery hose, fruit juice, health level hose to choose material conforms to the American food and drug administration (FDA) and other quality system standards, the inner surface is smooth, light and soft. Durable, distortion resistance, weathering resistance, resistant to most of the products, used in strict aseptic environment, hose connected to the 316 l stainless steel fittings, we solved the preparation of joint series sanitary hose retention zone of this problem, CIP equipment can be realized, so the installation of 316 l stainless steel fittings pipe fittings without disassembly after cleaning, suitable for all kinds of liquid food, Not fat foods) The suction and delivery. For example: beverage, fruit juice, wine, vinegar and alcohol content is not more than 15% of water-based food.

food delivery hose, fruit juice, health level hose on various performance attributes introduced:

1. Odourless, tasteless, non-toxic;

2。 The inner surface is smooth, the surface white, smooth;

3。 Can resist amine compounds and etch;

4。 。 Thermal aging and oxidant ( Oxygen/ozone/uv) ;

5。 The wear resistance;

6。 Hydrocarbon fluid resistance;

7。 Can be installed on both ends of 316 l stainless steel tube head, roughness of less than 0. 8um;

8。 Working temperature: - 30 to + 280 degrees

9. Standard length of 4 meters, can produce 6 meters long for diameter pipe fittings;

food delivery hose, fruit juice, health level hose is safe/safely used for food purposes, that does not contain organic plasticizer ( 夹住,DINP) , phthalates and latex additives ( GB - through the lattice 70098 no plasticizer and food grade) ; Don't break down the smell and taste; Smooth wall non-stick water; Can be high temperature disinfection and high pressure sterilization; Is all sorts of food/potable water transmission with health hose, super pure liquid transmission, liquor ( Maotai-flavor, luzhou-flavor, qing scent, luzhou-flavor, maotai-flavor, rice, chicken flavor, medicine scent, scent and scent, tempting scent, sesame, loosened scent, scent fragrant scent) Red wine, wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages with, transmission disinfection liquid filling and transport, transport food fruit juice beverage and dairy products; Applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care and biotechnology industries such as food fluid absorption, contains 50% alcohol concentration liquid pressure and vacuum extraction.
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