Food grade bellows, silicone hose non-stick water make it used in medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industry ideal

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-05

food-grade bellows, silicone hose non-stick water to make it for medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industry ideal, using biological pharmaceutical grade elastomer, or more than the USP 23 cass VI, the FDA 21 CFR - 177. 2600, USDA and 3 a standard. This series of silicone tube used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing filling liquid in the process of transmission, and the transfer of steam, air, when the design with bending; Resistance to tear at the decomposition of no smell and taste at the same time; Vulcanization silicone tube, silicone tube for platinum excluding additives; Tear at inhibiting particle buildup and crusting, tolerance; Used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industry ideal.

food-grade bellows, silicone hose with steel wire reinforcement and lining of high strength polyester woven cloth. Soft, light, easy to do. Weather proof and aging. Because use polymers, make its have to use good safety and to ensure that health and environmental protection, Recyclable) , can use steam sterilization; Widely used in the laboratory, super pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, disinfection liquid filling and transmission, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy products; Alcohol content is not more than 50% of the liquid food, Not fat foods) The suction and delivery, in line with the eu food grade standard and related laws and regulations.

food-grade bellows, silicone hose key features: smooth health white EPDM kernel antibacterial, accord with the FDA standard, can be used for food contact surface, the chemical resistance makes it a lot of precise application of the ideal tube; For suction and discharge application tasteless kernel, wine, beer, drinking water, fruit juice, milk, and milk by-products remain pure. Spiral reinforcement layer resistance pressure and keep the original vacuum degree, higher temperature range of criteria of EPDM hose more; Fluoropolymer hose better elasticity and ideal for processing CIP solution, also can steam sterilization; In the 302 f ( 150℃) Up to 30 minutes. Usually design silicone tube structure used to deal with the elastic - easy to bend, junction Angle; Weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, resistant to fat smooth rubber outer wall; Stainless steel protective layer while maintaining the flexibility to avoid hose crush, kink, bad environment and friction damage.
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