Food grade high temperature resistant hose can meet the needs of American FDA food health pharmaceutical, also can tolerate steam cleaning requirements

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-07

food grade high temperature resistant hose can meet the needs of American FDA food health pharmaceutical, also can tolerate steam cleaning of the requirement, can effectively prevent bacterial growth, make sure to provide biological adaptability to the top ranks of the products, is tough and braid reinforcement, can improve the work pressure, can help maintain delivery or processing sensitive liquid fluid through the whole, good flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, not only do not contain halogen, and accord with the requirement of RoSH environmental directives, high temperature resistant series of food grade hose adopts spiral wire grounding can be static, suitable for demanding sanitation pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food, dairy and beverage industries, are widely used in beverages, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical and biological laboratories, and other fields.

food grade high temperature resistant hose can meet the demand of the FDA's biological pharmaceutical grade. Meet the requirements of GMP, we can provide related test report, conform to the hygiene level. Suitable for a higher health transfer applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other emerging industries, is a platinum sulfide hose, high pressure contains no plasticizer food grade were developed for application of higher pressure, be made for biopharmaceutical products, high temperature resistant food grade hose series resistance temperature - temperature range 62° C - 260° Was a package of 316 stainless steel, steel wire spiral reinforcement, provide flexible bending diameter, products are made the same tensile homogeneous silicone tube, to ensure product integrity, ideally suitable for application to raise the pressure, strength, durability, and the length of the continuous critical, plans to meet the prescription of the customer's specific requirements

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