Food grade hose, food grade hose is very soft, light and easy to do, very weather proof and aging

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-21

food grade hose, food grade hose is very soft, light weight, easy to do, very weather proof and aging, suitable for liquid food (not greater than 50% alcohol Non greasy food) The suction and delivery, in line with the eu food grade manufacture standard and related laws and regulations; Due to the use of special polymers, make its have to use good safety and to ensure that health and environmental protection, Recyclable) , can use steam disinfection.

food grade hose, food grade hose key features:

1. Smooth health white EPDM kernel antibacterial, accord with the FDA standard, can be used for food contact surface;

2。 Excellent chemical resistance it become many require precise application of the ideal tube;

3。 For suction and discharge application tasteless kernel & ndash; Wine, beer, drinking water, fruit juice, milk, and milk by-products remain pure. Spiral reinforcement layer resistance higher level pressure and keep the original vacuum degree. The temperature range of EPDM hoses process more than the standard limit;

4。 Better than fluoropolymer hose elasticity; Used for processing the CIP solution is very ideal;

5。 Also can steam sterilization: in 302 & deg; F ( 150° C) Up to 30 minutes;

6。 Usually designed food hose structure for the elastic & ndash; Easy to processing bending, junction Angle; Weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, resistant to fat smooth rubber outer wall;

7。 Size range: 3/4 inch to 4 inches; To provide a full range of flexible joint;

8。 Stainless steel protective layer while maintaining the flexibility to avoid hose crush, kink, bad environment and friction damage;

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