Food grade hose, food grade rubber hose, food grade rubber hose, food grade high temperature resistant rubber

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-26

food grade hose, food grade rubber hose, food rubber hose, food grade is high temperature resistant rubber hose with stainless steel wire. Smooth both internal and external wall, which makes the material flow in pipe is smooth, but also makes the cleaning and disinfection of hose is more convenient. This is a specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry development of hose, the hose for the pharmaceutical industry research and development, the biological reaction test of USD CLASS VI standard and regulations. Conform to the eu directive 2002/72 / CE food grade and can be used for A, B, C, D four types of food contact ( Including fat foods and dairy foods) 。 The FDA food grade standards ( Standard no. 21 CFR 177. 1680 and 177. 2660). 。 Food hose is non-toxic, tasteless, does not change the transmission material quality. Resistance to hydrolysis, mold and other microbes. Although the wall thicker, still very soft and light weight. Do not contain halogen, accord with the requirement of ROHS environmental protection directive, with traditional silicone tube, the hose is not required to pass through vulcanization processing, can save precious energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The hose can use high pressure or in 121 & deg; C temperature disinfection.

food grade hose, food grade rubber hose, food rubber hose, food grade high temperature resistant rubber hose is a new type of polymer elastic material, some high temperature resistant, 250 - 300℃) And low temperature resistant, - 40 - 60℃) Performance, has the good physical stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and sterilization condition, has the capacity and deformation of the small ( 200 ℃ in 48 hours not greater than 50%) , breakdown voltage ( 20 - 25 kv /毫米) , ozone resistance, uv resistance. Resistance to radiation and other characteristics, special silicone rubber has oil resistant performance. Mineral oil resistant, resistant to most chemicals, resistant to ozone, good weather resistance and aging resistance. In the pharmaceutical industry and beauty and cosmetics industries used for conveying liquid, solid, powder, etc. In the food industry can be used in the transmission of greasy food, also may transport the wine, vinegar, and liquor alcohol content is less than 50% of the conveyor.

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