Food grade hose production process, it is checked equipment production, quality and safety standards

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-04

shenzhen sharp food grade hose production process, is produced after inspection of equipment, quality and safety standards, it is a two-component, and the United States dow corning silicone raw materials imported ( A/B) Add molding vulcanizing agent instant vulcanization molding, high room temperature vulcanizing agent as auxiliary function, curing speed, in the process of production to produce food grade hose, and it has a high degree of lightness, traditional food grade steel wire hose by peroxide vulcanization system with the advantages of more efficient tasteless, mainly used in clinical medicine, medicine diversion, biological, pharmaceutical, medical research, medical analysis instruments, breathing machine, food and beverage, dairy products, beer, food and beverage, dairy products, beer, peristaltic pump, veterinary drug, and other fields.

shenzhen's sharp the performance characteristics of food grade hose:

1, food grade hose high transparency, high level of health, environmental protection, high efficiency, high temperature and high pressure sterilization disinfection;

2, food grade hose has good physiological inertia, organization won't produce harm to human body, will not cause foreign body reaction after value into the human tissue, the surrounding tissue inflammation;

3, food grade hose high tensile strength, high tear, low shrinkage rate, good resilience;

4, food grade hose high and low temperature resistance is strong, also won't deformation under Gao Qiangwen, also won't produce decomposition of harmful substances, physical inertia, strong biological aging resistance;

5, food grade hose health environmental protection level is high, by the American FDA and German LFGB food safety inspection, etc.

shenzhen sharp food grade hose integration of supply chain and complete file for the record, Food grade steel wire hose from the raw material test in the process of production to the ultimate test and retain batch samples) To ensure the traceability of our raw materials.

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