Food grade metal hose with food-grade silicone hose differ mainly in what place?

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-29

food grade metal hose with food-grade silicone hose differ mainly in what place? Food-grade silicone hose is not pressure, food grade metal hose with food-grade silicone hose has the advantages of performance mainly has the following several aspects:

1, light weight, of the specifications of the products are generally 40% weight of rubber hose, silicone hose, stainless steel metal hose, 30% weight greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, convenient operation, the efficiency of the task is proposed. 2, good flexibility, bending, and not work space: the product is still in reversing the small radius can normal tasks, the bending parts, tube has been sticking to the cone, no fold, the lining is crushing will attack and tube rupture, etc. 3, good resistance to positive and negative pressure function: the task of top pressure is 4. 0 MPa, the negative pressure of 0. 1 MPa, silicone hose is not pressure. 4, good heat function: temperature 120 ℃ and 30 ℃, and not because of the weather or the temperature change and the present pipe hardening or softening. 5, have good oil resistance, resistance to chemical attack functions: common go crude oil, fuel oil, food, oil, chemical solvents, liquefied petroleum gas ( 液化石油气) And so on. 6, with the higher static export function: when the oil inflammable media, because of the pressure, velocity, friction coefficient, etc. , the inevitable happens static, such as export, real time as a result of the imagination. This product is made of the external and internal metal composite double wire connection, electric conductivity, the use of safe and reliable. 7, hydraulic shorten the molding head, good sealing, the tube body and the flange of the connecting parts of products, shenzhen's sharp by large hydraulic detained a molding equipment shorten the head, with similar products, sealing good, appearance beautiful, consolidate and durable, won't appear suddenly high voltage connector is broken. 8, strong erosion, due to differences in use, in coastal and offshore work situation, ordinary metal material is difficult to accept the air and water erosion.
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