Food-grade plastic hose through the eu food hygiene, accord with the requirement of RoSH environmental protection instruction, is the ideal laboratory using food grade hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-20

food-grade plastic hose through the eu food hygiene, accord with the requirement of RoSH environmental protection instruction, is an ideal food grade hose, laboratory GB9684 - through the lattice Without plasticizer to recognize - 2011 The indication and GB13115 - 91 food-grade, contains no plasticizer,, have good resilience and long service life, suitable for use in a liquid food (not greater than 50% alcohol Non greasy food) Suction and delivery, with steel wire strengthen and lining of high strength polyester woven cloth. Soft, light weight, easy to do. Weather proof and aging. Because use polymers, make its have to use good safety and to ensure that health and environmental protection, Recyclable) 。 Plastic food grade hose can also use steam sterilization, odorless, not pollution medium, even at low temperature can keep good features which do not affect the fluid.

food-grade plastic hose is used with high adhesion of galvanized steel wire spiral reinforced. Wall to ensure smooth material flow in tube. The inner diameter of the different specifications products are 0, 9 mm. Mildew resistant, resistant to hydrolysis. Excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance. Comply with the eu 2002/72 / CE cfr177 21 food grade standard and American FDA food grade standards. 1680 and 177. The regulation of chapter 2600; Plastic food grade hose non-toxic, tasteless, do not contain halogen, accord with the requirement of RoSH environmental protection instruction; Spiral wire grounding can be static, comply with the provisions of the TRB 2153 S. Flame retardant degrees accords with UL94 where V0 standards. Applicable to industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, sanitary industry vacuum suction powder, granules, conveying water, oil, chemical material, food, etc. , this series of food grade hose high flow rate have wear the grains of sand, gravel, fine grained, useless glass and chip, gas and liquid environment, silo conveyor, glass industry, docks, steel mills, mines, shipyards, cement and other conveying pipe, when strong protective tube.

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