Food-grade silicone hose with USP CLASS VI, the FDA and NSF51 and 3 - A standard, direct contact with food

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-17

food-grade silicone hose with USP CLASS VI, the FDA and NSF51 and 3 - A standard, and direct contact with food does not produce harmful substances, with the most smooth lumen, reducing the possibility of adsorptive particles or bacteria residue; The smallest extractability, helps to maintain the integrity of the liquid transmission; Held in accordance with ISO 10993 standard documents of biological adaptability. Ultra smooth inner cavity can reduce the probability of particles and the accumulation of microbial adsorption, smooth and 3 other hose, and contribute to the cleaning and disinfection of the whole system; Made from the FDA standard non-toxic ingredients, food grade hose ideal, kink and deformation resistance, the built-in steel wire, compression performance is better; Can be used to deal with high pressure and vacuum, and it is an ideal food grade hose; With other quality of rubber hose is light, but is hard wear-resisting, applied to chemical solutions; Catheter; The cooling system. Environment suitable air filling; Instruments; The floor clean; The food and beverage industry; Material handling; The shop air supply; The spray system; The vacuum system; The water supply.

food-grade silicone hose with mirror smooth surface, transparent as glass at the same time can provide outstanding visual observation of solution flows; Widely used in beverages, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, biochemical laboratory, etc. As used in the milk tank liquid food and carrying; Food and beverage filling production line conveyor and all kinds of fruit juice, milk and food additives; Daily-use chemical manufacturing industry vaseline, alcohol, cosmetics, daily chemical raw materials and all kinds of cosmetics such as dilute solution; Pharmaceutical industry and chemical medicament, dilute solution, the silicone material food grade hose installed on both ends of health level joint with ( Stainless steel quick release coupling can be customized) , good bending. The pipe application: applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, medical and biological engineering industries such as pipeline.

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