Food-grade silicone tube adopts unique structure design, make its have good mechanical properties, have excellent anti-wear properties

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-11

shenzhen's sharp food-grade silicone tube adopts unique structure design, make its have good mechanical properties, has superior wear resistance properties, the appearance of the superior good texture, feel soft and mild texture, surface gloss can be adjusted; Prevent slippery, earthquake, impact resistance, good elasticity; Excellent tensile resistance, good tensile strength, elongation at break can be up to 10; Have excellent heat aging resistance, at high temperature for a long time, Which can gust higher than 135 ℃) Environment can keep the homogenous nature, does not crack or sticky; The environment of low temperature performance is good, in - 60 ℃ temperature can still maintain good crooked; Good fatigue resistance, excellent durability, wear-resisting performance is good; General chemical resistance, non-toxic, good uv and oxidation resistance.

shenzhen's sharp food-grade silicone tube with spiral elastic wire firmly implanted tube wall, so as to strengthen the food grade hose compressive transmission capacity, optimize external liquidity the internal structure of smooth wall non-stick water, optimize flow characteristics, light weight and scalability; Resistance to high pressure, high vacuum and compressed, the axial intensity, high intensity, and the tear strength; Good scalability in low temperature, small bending radius, not easy knot, do not contain softener and halogen, gas and liquid does not leak, ideal for processing CIP solution, liquid food (not greater than 50% alcohol Non greasy food) Suction and delivery, vacuum sealing, through the spiral wire grounding can be static, can withstand the about - 40° C - 125 & deg; About 150 C, a short time & deg; The temperature of the C.

shenzhen's sharp food-grade silicone tube using biological pharmaceutical grade elastomer, does not decompose, smell and taste the food grade in line with the eu food grade hose manufacturing standards and relevant regulations. Or more than the USP 23 cass VI, the FDA, the USDA and 3 a standard. Hose used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing filling liquid in the process of transmission, and the transfer of steam, air, when the design with bending; Resistance to tear at the decomposition of no smell and taste at the same time; Non-stick water make it used in medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industry ideal.

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