Food-grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube production process for rubber mixing - Dry - Heat treatment - — Vulcanization process - — After air packaging

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-25

food-grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube production process for rubber mixing & ndash; Dry & ndash; High temperature processing & ndash; — Vulcanization processing & ndash; — Dry after packaging, after the scientific formula, process, and has the characteristics of soft, high temperature resistant performance is stable, program is put into silicone rubber raw materials in the rubber mixing machine mixing, adding silica gel vulcanizing agent article points after mixing evenly, in screw extruder ( The silicone extrusion machine) From the specifications of the mold after extrusion, can squeeze down on, can also be squeezed through the oven curing, parallel temperature from 300 800 degrees, then the secondary sulfide, vulcanization after waiting for cold, then QC inspection after packaging.

food-grade silicone tube, medical silicone tube is imported silicone raw materials, use of scientific production process, the intermittent method is adopted to improve the production of raw rubber, rubber for gas phase of high resistance to tear and high transparent, mixing and the lower the hardness of the rubber, the functional characteristics of mixing rubber for the production of silicone tube, this product has more extensive adaptability. Traditional double 24:27 and vulcanization process of silicone hose and silicone profiles, which has high transparency, tasteless, and the advantages of yellowing, don't spray frost, especially solve the black hose bloom, blue products fade, mainly for the food of the complex mode, chocolate mould, candy mold, precision casting, and carbon fiber composite materials, food cake mould, craft ceramics, printing, electrical appliances, lighting products, silica gel ice, silicone pacifiers.
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