Food grade stainless steel hose is widely used in all kinds of food, drinking water and other transmission with a hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-28

food grade stainless steel hose is designed for food and pharmaceutical industry research and development, and by testing without plasticizer food grade hose, is the polyether type - The polyurethane ( E- PUR) As raw material, and added to the German technology and equipment, pipe wall elasticity with solid stainless steel wire spiral wrap, make the hose compression wear-resisting, not decomposition smell and taste. Smooth wall non-stick water, soft, light and easy to do, weather proof and aging, do not contain organic plasticizer, phthalates and latex harmful material such as additives, suitable for water, liquid food delivery, internal with spiral steel wire composite strengthening, the internal and external surface is smooth, decomposition rate, with traditional without plasticizer food grade hose has a very high wear resistance and service life.

the appearance of the superior food-grade stainless steel hose with good texture, feel soft and mild texture, surface gloss can be adjusted; Prevent slippery, earthquake, impact resistance, good elasticity; Excellent tensile resistance, good tensile strength, elongation at break can be up to 10; Have excellent heat aging resistance, at high temperature for a long time, Which can gust higher than 135 ℃) Environment can keep the homogenous nature, does not crack or sticky; Environment of low temperature performance is good, the series of wine ducts in - 60 ℃ temperature can still maintain good crooked, good fatigue resistance, excellent durability, wear-resisting performance is good; General chemical resistance, non-toxic, good uv and oxidation resistance, food-grade series stainless steel hose is widely used in all kinds of food, drinking water, such as transmission with a rubber hose, super pure liquid transmission, liquor ( Maotai-flavor, luzhou-flavor, qing scent, rice, chicken flavor, medicine scent, scent and scent, tempting scent, sesame scent, scent, fragrant scent) Red wine, wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages with, transmission disinfection liquid filling and transport, food and fruit juice drinks transmission, dairy food industry such as fluid absorption line. http://www。 sznorres。 com

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