Food-grade steel wire hose lumen of the smooth, can reduce the transmission of sensitive liquid particle adsorption and accumulation of microorganisms

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-31

food grade steel wire hose lumen of the smooth, can reduce the transmission of sensitive liquid particles and the rate of accumulation of microbial adsorption, through the analysis of other food-grade silicone tube inner surface is, silicone hoses hose smooth 3 other health level. In addition, the smooth flow channel is helpful to the cleaning and disinfection of the whole system, conform to the ISO10993 standard documents and its biological adaptability of USP CLASS VI, PDA and NSF 51 standard, steel wire material of food grade hose is to use a platinum vulcanization process, eliminating the extraction problems often encountered in other sulfide method. Its another characteristic is the ISO10993 standard, will save the user process to confirm the cost and time, also provide strengthening tube, can work under higher pressure, suitable for food processing industry, wine industry, as a liquid filling transmission in the beverage industry.

food grade steel wire hose adopts imported high quality silicone rubber raw material and platinum catalytic system, and manufactured with a unique extrusion process, has the size stability, delivery accurate characteristics. Steel wire hose, high temperature resistant silicone tube, biopharmaceutical hose also has excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, low temperature - resistance 40 ℃, high temperature 220 ℃, the product, no yellowing. Product has passed the European Union ROHS and the FDA. Its appearance is colorless, transparent, both inside and outside surface is smooth, wire material of food grade hose has good physical and mechanical properties, high tear strength, low in protein binding power. Can tolerate steam cleaning requirements, and can provide satisfy FDA food, health pharmaceutical needs, including health, food contact material of plasticizer, was listed in the material more, detection limit and lower limit, silica gel itself is environmental protection non-toxic, after high temperature baking after secondary sulfide to non-toxic odorless effect.

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