Food grade wire tube, food grade transparent hose steel wire is disinfection liquid filling and transmission of all kinds of fluid material choice

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-24

food grade wire tube, transparent food-grade steel wire hose is disinfection liquid filling and transmission of all kinds of fluid materials choice, have qualitative light, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, resistance to hydrolysis, high transparency, good, small bending radius, negative pressure resistance ability characteristics, do not contain organic plasticizer, phthalates and latex additive harmful substances, such as the effect of plasticizer principle is a plasticizer for small molecules ( Relative to the polymer materials of plastic, rubber) That by joining process between inserted into the polymer molecular chain, through the block, block, lubrication, and increasing distance way weaken the stress between polymer molecular chain, cause the increased mobility of polymer chains, such as plastic polymer molecular chain of crystallinity decreased, thus increase the plasticity of polymer. But the raw materials with high quality food grade hose is not on the plasticizer.

food grade wire tube, food grade transparent by polyether type steel wire hose pipe wall The poly (that install ester E- PUR) Synthesis and contains no organic plasticizer, phthalates and latex additive harmful substances, such as Taiwan out food to add toxic plasticizer, say drink & other; Throughout the cloud agent &; Contain & other; Plasticizer & throughout; And ate will make gender confusion, genital shorter. Events involve a lot of food, drinks, jam, probiotics powder are implicated. Experts say that the toxicity of plasticizer is far higher than that of melamine, is widely distributed in different kinds of food. Since plasticizer on personal poison, that all food contact hose should not contain plasticizer, is maotai distillery, wuliangye brewery, yanghe brewery as wine tube using a large amount for a long time. The major national well-known wineries are using this kind of food grade hose, and use for many years, so that it is safe for food delivery. Food grade steel pipe, steel wire hose is made of food grade transparent Germany import Pu raw material, Pu hose for embedded steel skeleton. Inside and outside wall transparent, no bubble, conveying is clearly visible; Low concentration of acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, not easy ageing, long service life; Resistance to high pressure, can maintain the original state under high pressure vacuum, can have arbitrary bending, high temperature resistant, wear resistant, resistant to certain negative pressure and chemical corrosion resistance, the advantages of can bear about - The stability of 30 ℃ to + 90 ℃, a short period of time can be up to + 150 ℃, with strong elastic copper coated steel wire in the tube wall cladding; Wall: - polyether type Polyurethane, about 0. 6 - 0. 9 mm wall thickness, the lining is smooth; This kind of high quality food grade hose ordinary PVC hose, rubber hose high wear-resisting 10.
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