Food grade woven silicone hose steel wire the comply with FDA CFR 177. 2600年,USP类

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-05

braided food-grade silicone hose steel wire the comply with FDA CFR 177. 2600, USP Class VI material squeeze together, with the most smooth lumen, reducing the possibility of adsorptive particles or bacteria residue; The smallest extractability, helps to maintain the integrity of the liquid transmission; Held in accordance with ISO 10993 standard documents of biological adaptability. Comply with USP CLASS VI, the FDA and NSF51 and 3 - A standard. Ultra smooth inner cavity can reduce the probability of particles and the accumulation of microbial adsorption, smooth and 3 other hose, and contribute to the cleaning and disinfection of the whole system, food grade hose series products are widely used in beer, food, brewing, beverage, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care, biological engineering, food processing, super pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, disinfection liquid transmission, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine pharmaceutical, food and beverage.

food-grade silicone hose steel wire weaving conforms to the requirement of biochemical compatible personality, conforms to the United States pharmacopoeia ( USP) 3 edition 6 20 specifications; 3 - A health standard and the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) Chapter 21, 177. Section 2600 specification; Biocompatibility ISO10993 medical equipment standard. After a lot of physical, chemical and biological detection, USP Class VI, the FDA CFR 177. 51, 2600, ISO10993, NSF 3 European pharmacopoeia. 1. 9 and 3 a standards, food grade hose series products using imported raw materials, the German production technology, 3 - A health standards and the us food and drug management norms, the spiral steel wire reinforced with elastic PVC hose pipe wall are one; Made from the FDA standard non-toxic ingredients, food grade hose ideal, kink and deformation resistance, the built-in steel wire, compression performance is better; Can be used to deal with high pressure and vacuum, and it is an ideal suction hose.

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