Food hygiene supervision agency recommended wineries, food manufacturers use city hose co. , LTD. Product no plasticizer hose, contains no plasticizer hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-19

food hygiene supervision agencies recommended brewery, and food manufacturers use shenzhen sharp without plasticizer hose, hose co. , LTD. Product contains no plasticizer hose:

plasticizer, yantai first imported wine andthe

recently, a group of prepackaged imported wine, because of phthalic acid esters beyond limit, is yantai entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau in accordance with the law for return processing. It is understood that the wine country of origin in France, a total of 4. 10000 litres, value of 33. 70000 euros, this also is the yantai port on grape wine products was return case for plasticizer exceeds bid.

by the analysis of plasticizer in this batch of imported wine, may be processing, production of plastic filling pipe exudate, probably because the cork adhesive ooze, plasticizer exceeds bid. Last year a liquor & other; Plasticizer & throughout; Over many consumers. According to introducing, plasticizer stems mainly from lose wine plastic barrels, plastic pipe, liquor pump in and out of the latex tube, seal it inside the plastic film, product wine plastic cap, plastic packaging, plastic packaging, final final product packaging wine plastic buckets, etc. Plastic bags, bottles of product wine, with the passage of time, the product of plasticizer content gradually increased.

as we have learned, and liquor, wine plasticizer in lower risk than many. Wine judges, winemakers Ding Jun said, because the liquor alcohol content is generally higher than that of wine or beer, according to the character of the plasticizing agent easily dissolved in alcohol, liquor also may be higher than other wines of plasticizer content. Food hygiene supervision agency recommended wineries, food manufacturers use lose wine production of plastic pipe, liquor pump in and out of the latex tube, sealing it plastic, product: without plasticizer hose, contains no plasticizer hose, sanitary hoses, pharmaceutical grade hose, FDA certification, food grade hose without plasticizer inspection report, can be at ease use.

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