Health food delivery pipe, health food delivery hose, hose food hygiene level

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-05

grade health food delivery pipe, hose health food, food hygiene level hose is corrosion resistant FDA food hose in the pharmaceutical industry. Specially designed for 100% flow, light weight, high flexibility and purity requirements of applications. Smooth tube after rubber coated in easy to clean and easy to deal with friction and chemical erosion. Rubber surface easy operation personnel safety grasp and deal with the hose. Hose using smooth fluoro lung lining tube, through special processing and multi-layer rubber adhesive, polyester thread and double root enhanced spiral steel wire, with bending. Can also through the spiral wire grounding conductive. Spiral steel wire frame is applied vacuum negative pressure resistance. Teflon hose USES white fluoro lung or for the release of static electricity conductive black PTFE teflon liner.

grade health food delivery pipe, hose health food, food hygiene level in order to ensure the continuous medium hose and hose assemblies teflon contact, teflon hose can be on the flange. Fast connect and live on the joint flanging lining:

1, anti-corrosion lining fluoride lung tolerance is the most widespread industrial chemical medium, with zero corrosion rate and lower the long life of the characteristics of the cost.

2, easy to clean. Smooth not sticky tube not assembled bacteria, easy to use steam, disinfectants and detergents to clean. 3, health. The FDA material or more than 3 a standard. 4, good compatibility. No pollution medium, not to the medium decomposition odor, color and taste. 5, good flexibility. The flexible rubber coated hose in the industry won't like metal fatigue or stress damage. 6, durable. 。 Especially for strong corrosion, high temperature and long service life of the harsh environment, such as mechanical stress, not aging or even high temperature cycle embrittlement.

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