Health grade silicone hose, medicinal health level hose meet FDA standards, achieve USP, ISO and EP standards

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-19

the health level of silicone hose, medicinal health level hose meet FDA standards, achieve USP, ISO and EP standards, smooth surface gloss, easy bending, compression deformation, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, not easy to frost crack anti aging; Applied to gas environment such as steam and hot air, welding smoke, etc. , to satisfy the machinery, petroleum, chemical, defense industry, manufacturing industry such as the demand for new type of tubing. By many manufacturers use effect is good, convenient for observation the running status of the pipe fluid and solution to the rubber and rubber aging in the process of using loss, etc. , is a new generation of ideal fluid hose, the performance index has reached the international advanced level.

the health level of silicone hose, the indicators of medical health level hose performance specification:

1. Oil resistant performance is good, is 15 - natural rubber oil resistant performance 20 times;

2。 Wear-resisting performance is good, 30 to 50 times that of natural rubber wear resistance;

3。 Good aging resistance, aging resistance of natural rubber is five times.

4。 Resistance to breaking strength is three times as many natural rubber

5. With high elasticity and high elongation and high tenacity;

6。 The damping performance is good, the lining is smooth, fluid resistance small, less hydraulic loss;

7。 Beautiful appearance, small hose bend radius, non-toxic tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, light and flexible, its weight is thirty percent of the rubber hose to seventy;

8。 Resistance good, non-toxic tasteless; Impact resistance, fatigue resistance, safe and reliable.

the health level of silicone hose, medicinal grade health hose advantages as soft, antistatic. Can 90 degrees bend; Applied to the suction duct, is especially suitable for; Solid such as dust, powder, fiber, debris and particles; Gas and liquid medium, vacuum cleaner, conveyor system, blower and compressor, food and pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry; Air conditioning and ventilation equipment; Used to city life water supply, drainage, irrigation, mines, oil fields, Marine equipment and other machinery electrical equipment of tong oil, tong chemical vapor, water, also used in drainage water pump and air conditioning.
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