Health level of the silicone hose is used in the American FDA CFR 177. 2600, USP Class VI and European pharmacopoeia EP VI. 1. 2.

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-09

the health level of silicone hose is used in the American FDA CFR 177. 2600, USP Class VI and European pharmacopoeia EP VI. 1. 2. 3 squeeze of the material, do not contain phthalate plasticizer namely composition, the pharmaceutical silicone hose has, to the solution without separation medium characteristics of the smell and taste, particularly suitable for clean room use, ozone, radiation and silicone tube with tolerance, resistance to weathering erosion ability, silicone material health level hose fundamentally solved some national defense, civilian industry, form a complete set of equipment needed for used as sensitive element in various regulator diaphragm, instrument with heating tablets, acupuncture rubber sheet resistance ( High make silicone rubber) 。 Light colored lights. Drying oven. The electric stove. Far infrared heater sealer, fillet. Sponge sealer ( Replace toxic asbestos sealer) 。 Seal of the boiler. The hose and sealing refrigeration equipment. Instrument shock absorbers. All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire ( Used for electric radiant, coil. Transformer. Transformer. As a lead wire) Refrigerator frost line. Plus hotline, etc.

the medical grade silicone hose is by silicone rubber to the double roller rubber mixing machine or airtight kneading machine, gradually add repeatedly refined uniform, white carbon black and other additives in accordance with the requirements of industry product technical standards by extrusion hose made of silicone material health level, the glass fiber reinforced, pressure is better, higher heat resistance; Inside and outside the wall smooth inhibiting particle adsorption and microbial breeding, to ensure that key processing link the health clean; Can be repeated high pressure sterilization and steam sterilization; Translucent color allow visual monitoring transmission medium; Lightweight structure and elastic facilitate in the without hampering the fluid conveying smaller bending radius; Widely used in modern industry, national defense industry and daily necessities. Conductive silicone rubber can be used in the electronics industry, good flexible, founder, easy to wear plates, high product health environmental protection grade, can easily through the eu ROHS, FDA, Germany LMBG food-grade and strict testing is widely used in aviation, electronics, lighting, mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, medical, food, baking oven, toys and other industries.

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