Heidelberg machine trachea high pressure duct, pipes, water pipes with ventilation and exhaust resistance to high temperature corrosion resistance performance

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-29

trachea Heidelberg machine, high-pressure air ducts, pipes, water pipes with ventilation and exhaust resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistant performance, applicable to industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, sanitary industry such as vacuum suction powder, granule, conveying water, oil, chemical material, food, etc. , high flow rate have wear the grains of sand, gravel, fine grained, useless glass and chip, gas and liquid environment, silo conveyor, glass industry, docks, steel mills, mines, shipyards, cement conveying pipe, such as when a strong protective tube. In agricultural irrigation, industrial and mining, oil depot, pumping sand, sand blasting, food, medicine and indoor gas emissions, powder, dust absorption, and other fields has a wide range of USES. The product is PVC, rubber, metal tube replacement products. Heidelberg machine trachea, high-pressure air ducts, pipes, hose pipe with PUR materials produced is tensile, Zhang Liqiang, high tear strength, wear resistance, resistance to flex, penetration resistance, good low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other performance, and have good resilience and long service life. This product contains no plasticizer,, is a kind of high performance and environmentally friendly hose. Substitute products is PVC, rubber hose. Properties: the resistance to wear and the underlying steel wire strengthen the pipe strength and resistance to high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, the shaft of the high strength, smooth material, bending radius approximately equal to the diameter, good chemical resistance, can row of electrostatic ( On the basis of BGR - 132年,原古银1/200) Spiral wire grounding.

structure: with strong elastic copper coated steel wire in the tube wall cladding; Wall: - polyether type PUR, about 1. 5 mm wall thickness, the lining is smooth; Bending flexibility is good. General PVC hose, rubber hose high wear-resisting 10; Temperature range: about - 40 ℃ to + 125 ℃, the short time to + 150 ℃. To comply with the FDA, the USDA, 3 a sanitary standards, qualitative light, high softness, inner surface is smooth, transparent, can prevent the jam, spiral strengthen appearance; Specification: 25 500 mm, length, thickness can be customized; The thickest can do 2. 0 mm thick.

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