High temperature resistant hose expansion outer have tough rims protect, on the ground at random delay and not wear

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-27

high temperature resistant hose expansion outer have tough rims protect, random delay and do not wear on the ground, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical resistance, easy to carry, oleic acid resistant and flame retardant, any ways, link free, light volume, bending radius approximately equal to the diameter, row of electrostatic ( On the basis of BGR 132, their weight. this ly useful 1/200) Spiral wire grounding, this series of welding hose expansion suitable for waste gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, computer room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, machinery, shipbuilding, mining ventilation, fire smoke extraction such as poor working environment of air supply and exhaust, set in addition to the dust; Suitable for hot or cold air guiding tube. High temperature resistant hose used for high temperature exhaust emissions. Motor vehicle exhaust emission, constant temperature gas transmission, the high temperature welding gas emissions, the plastics industry of grain drying machine, high temperature hose printing machines, blower and compressor, the structure of engine, engine heating, aviation equipment and military equipment.

high temperature resistant hose expansion using elastic steel wire coated pipe wall, wall: high temperature glue coating coated not burning carved villa ( Kewair) Materials, double layer, coated with a polyurethane thermal insulation layer, aluminum foil heat insulation, good heat resistance performance. Seal protection, internal smooth, scalable fibre strengthen, small bending radius, not easy knot, comply with RoHs, high temperature resistant hose can withstand the - 40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃, the temperature of the short time of up to 120 ℃, the engine exhaust gas, the wear of solid strong, such as dust and fibers, the active medium, such as steam and smoke, industrial dust removal and suction, chemical industry, this series of hot gas hose expansion suitable for high temperature boiler smoke in vehicle emissions solder cigarette factory line blast heater exhaust and welding gas discharge heat engines used in engine exhaust equipment structure solid powder such as dust and fiber gas environment such as steam and smoke dust removal and the removable workshop heater exhaust equipment and military aircraft to reconcile bellows and compressor pressure environment.
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