High-temperature suction duct, high temperature resistant explosion-proof suction duct fan convulsions, have negative pressure resistant requirements of using the environment

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-12

high-temperature suction duct, high temperature resistant explosion-proof suction duct fan convulsions, there is a requirement for resistance to negative pressure using the environment, fan ventilation air supply, exhaust smoke dust is special. High-temperature duct by plastic bone glue wrapped steel wire for the skeleton, is play with orange plastic clip net cloth, tube in one metal rings, every other meter can be easily fixed duct, product expansion ways, link free, light volume, high temperature resistance. Wear-resisting. Pressure, acid and alkali resistant and flame retardant, insulation. Cooperate with ventilation equipment widely used in computer room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, underground cable maintenance, machinery, shipbuilding, fire rescue negative work environment, such as smoke, air supply and exhaust, in addition to the dust. More of a portable suction blower necessary choice! Material: special high quality nylon mesh cloth. High-temperature and high temperature resistant explosion-proof negative pressure suction duct duct size: a, 100 mm diameter & ndash; 1500 mm, tube thickness: 0. 4mm- - 0. 8 mm temperature: - 30℃- - + 120 ℃, the velocity: 28 m/S high-temperature suction duct, high temperature resistant characteristics of explosion-proof pressure duct: a, wire by the plastic bone as the skeleton, play by the plastic clip net cloth; Second, scalable, barge to freedom, light volume, convenient to carry; Three, high temperature resistant, acid resistant, flame retardant, insulation; Four, compression: 3000 pa, the standard length: 5 m - 50 m

high-temperature suction duct, high temperature resistant explosion-proof suction duct USES and features: the main structure: 1 - - Independent type 2 - bold tail ring - D shape licence - play with metal - - - The pipe head and tail to link firmer. Available for hoisting, fixed duct. 3 - - 4 - orange flame retardant PVC clip net cloth - High carbon steel wire, black PVC plastic bone within the pack - - Color: red, yellow, silver, grey, black & hellip; Wear resistance, easy expansion ways, can make positive negative pressure suction air distribution in a variety of materials: flame retardant, antistatic, cold resistant, acid resistant, anti-aging & hellip; 5 - - Rope seed tube ( Belt buckle horn type) Pipe - - - Convenient socket extension.

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