Hose production words you know, boiled water links is important in the process of the nylon corrugated pipe production process

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-21

shenzhen sharp hose production words you know, boiled water links is important in the course of the nylon corrugated pipe production process, often use nylon bellows client must have encountered such a problem, is in a relatively dry environment when using corrugated hose prone to brittle fracture, and so why is such a case, this is due to the product caused by the factors of material itself. Let's set out from the material itself, for this kind of problems do a detailed analysis and introduction, to facilitate learning.

nylon bellows is made from a kind of engineering plastics developed, there is a important one is his property hygroscopicity, when the environment is particularly dry, or the weather is cold, moisture lost badly, under this kind of request, molecules of the material itself is unable to keep the original features, can appear the phenomenon of brittle fracture, so in order to reduce the happening of this kind of situation, to the finished product of the nylon corrugated pipe for boiled water operation. Commonly used operation mode has the following kinds: one is simpler with water, this is relatively easy to operate, but should pass for a long time, generally speaking, 3 - Seven days, and the effect does not ideal; Second is the steam cooking, the effect of this method is better; Third is the direct water ( Can use the pressure water tank in winter) , the effect of this method. After injection of nylon wire protection tube toughness can be greatly improved, in the case of relatively dry and winter use rarely appear rupture phenomenon.
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