How many new products are launched under branded 24 inch flexible duct ?
New product development, is the life-blood of companies and societies. At Shanghai Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., we keep researching, developing, and launching new products under branded flexible duct to the market on a regular basis. Here at our company, extreme attention is paid to strengthening R&D capability which is regarded as the drive of our growth. Our R&D team spares no pains to pursue uniqueness and innovation in product development, therefore giving us a lot of promising results such as enhanced brand loyalty and awareness.

Especially in semi rigid flexible duct manufacture, Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment is in the leading position in the domestic industry. The semi rigid flexible duct series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is one of the main factors in Xuanyuan semi rigid aluminum duct production. Materials used in the product are required to be tested in terms of strength, mechanical properties, and durability. It can be designed with an additional wear-strip to protect it when it moves across potentially rough surfaces such as walls or cables. 'I was happy to find this size because it is hard to find in hardware stores. The quality is excellent. It is heavy and just beautiful.' - Siad one of our customers. Its material provides it with a superior level of resistance against moisture, ozone, and UV rays.

With aluminum flexible duct being its service ideology, Xuanyuan Air Conditioning Equipment provides aluminum flexible duct. Please contact us!
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