Industrial vacuum tube is specially designed for industrial vacuum cleaners, suitable for all kinds of ventilation, dust, dirt, water environment, etc

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-22

industrial vacuum tube is specially designed for industrial vacuum cleaners, suitable for all kinds of ventilation, dust, dirt, water environment, such as is imported, belong to the polyether type of polyurethane hose, with galvanized color plastic coated steel wire spiral reinforced. Wall to ensure smooth material flow in tube. The inner diameter of the different specifications products are 0, 9 mm. Mildew resistant, resistant to hydrolysis. Excellent ozone resistance and weather resistance, the vacuum hose non-toxic, tasteless, do not contain halogen, accord with the requirement of RoHS environmental directives. Spiral wire grounding can be static, comply with the provisions of the TRB 2153 S. Flame retardant degrees accords with UL94 where V0 standards. Especially suitable for the lawn mower and sweep the floor clean car need resistance to mold and the application of hydrolysis.

industrial vacuum tube can effectively reduce accumulation of congestion, polyether type of polyurethane hose is with galvanized steel wire spiral reinforced. The wall itself can be conductive, surface resistivity & lt; =10^4Ohm/m( ISO8031 standard) 。 Has a good mechanical performance, quality, and the extremely light and soft. High wear resistance and bending degrees, is suitable for most of the chemicals. Abrasion resistant materials absorption and transmission. For example, abrasion resistant powder, dust, shavings and wood chips, etc. Apply to require line of electrostatic production environment. The vacuum hose is an important part of mechanical equipment, in use, we keep the vacuuming soft pipe clean, otherwise it will cause such as jam, and so on and so forth. When the device suction abate cuttings please check whether the vacuum hose is jammed. Will check the debug regularly, ensure the normal operation.

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