Launched a new generation of high-performance offshore heat-resistant hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-26

launched a new generation of high-performance offshore heat-resistant hose

August 05, Shanghai, China's leading maritime industry full compliance heat-resistant hose manufacturer, Kutting co. , LTD. , launched in new & other VICTREX PEEK polymer materials; PEEKline” Heat resistant hose products. Kutting new heat-resistant hose series of liner to VICTREX® PEEK® Made of polymeric material and the design of this kind of polymeric material excellent mechanical properties, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance and permeability to an extreme, to meet the demanding requirements of offshore oil and gas industry.

Kutting general manager Kevin Johnson said: & other; Through with vickers's successful application development plan, Kutting PEEKline heat-resistant hose products into the oil, natural gas market. This makes us a great honor to have this. Our starting point is to improve the overall performance and long-term stability of the product. Compared with other existing products on the market, our heat-resistant hose products with VICTREX PEEK polymer materials for lining, the permeability resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature resistance are improved. As a result, made of PEEKline heat-resistant hose integrated bundles can be safely used in a more demanding environment. ”

it is estimated that hot gas and liquid ( Including hot methanol) On the permeability of VICTREX PEEK existing low polymerization heat resistant hose materials, 100, its continuous use temperature for 260 & deg; C ( 500º F) 。

vickers global oil and gas sector manager, said Robert Navo & other; The world's biggest oil and gas exploration and production companies face increasingly serious challenges, such as greater depth and more corrosive environment, higher pressure and temperature, etc. , in this case, the underwater equipment reliability is a top priority. For this reason, vickers and Kutting carried out close cooperation, for the development of this new type PEEKline heat-resistant hose products provide full support. VICTREX PEEK polymer materials perfectly solved Kutting focus, such as higher mechanical and chemical corrosion resistance, etc. ”

Kutting provide heat resistant hose for Marine application, including underwater integrated bundles. Integrated bundles have a variety of forms, may contain different types, sizes and pressure classes of cable and heat resistant hose, including high collapse prevention for injecting chemicals ( HCR) The pipe. Integrated wiring harness may exist in the form of static or dynamic, may also have a bit of both, may be very short in length, such as hydraulic cross line ( HFL) , may also is very long, such as production control wiring harness.

with the energy industry to more severe and harsh working environment, reduce hydrocarbon recovery technology is increasingly becoming an overall cost, develop alternative energy power. In the process of overcome such difficulties, choose the right material is often considered as key factors determine success or failure.

Navo added: & other; VICTREX PEEK polymer materials are increasingly become the standard of oil and gas application material, its purpose is to improve performance and reduce the risk of downtime due to component failures. Vickers with leading companies such as Kutting hand in hand to develop new technology, changing needs to meet the energy market. ”

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