Lose lose wine winery dedicated pipe and liquor special hose, special stainless steel hose used for conveying liquor not decompose the smell and taste

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-16

winery dedicated wine ducts, lose liquor special hose, special stainless steel hose used for conveying liquor not decompose the smell and taste, suitable for all kinds of food ultra pure liquid transmission, such as: maotai-flavor, luzhou-flavor, qing scent, rice, chicken flavor, medicine scent, scent and scent, tempting scent, sesame, loosened scent, scent fragrant scent of white wine, red wine, wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages with, transmission disinfection liquid filling and transport, transport food fruit juice beverage and dairy products; Applicable to beer, food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and health care and biotechnology industries such as food fluid absorption line.

winery dedicated wine ducts, lose liquor special hose, elastic liquor special stainless steel hose is solid stainless steel wire coating on tube, antistatic. Wall: - polyether type The poly (that install ester E- PUR) , the lining is smooth; Wall thick, resistance to high pressure, high temperature corrosion resistant performance is good, not easy to get squashed ( 150℃) Under the condition of delivery, vacuum conveying OK, food-grade tube body comply with FDA 21 CFR 177. 2600 and 178. 2010, the EC regulation 2002/72 / EC, including 2007/19 / EC of recent changes to regulations, eu rules XXXIXBfR, comply with the FDA specifications products, through the lattice GB9684 - Without plasticizer to recognize - 2011 The indication and GB13115 - Food grade to recognize - 91 Certificate; Safe/safely used for food purposes.

extension reading: usually, due to enter the body of DEHP and phthalic acid esters such as DINP material with urine or faeces, therefore, its impact on health depends on its consumption. The health organization, the United States food and drug administration and the European Union that respectively, 1 per day per person. 5, 2. 4 and 3. Under 0 mg and DEHP is safe. For food containers and packaging materials in China with additives of DEHP has strict rules: its migration from food packaging material migration to the quantity of 1. 5 mg/kg, DINP is 9 mg/kg, in accordance with the provisions of the developed world.

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