Metal braided stainless steel hose, teflon braided metal hose is looking for a quality, corrosion resistance, long service life

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-29

shenzhen sharp is a manufacturer of all kinds of metal hose manufacturer, has a mature production technology and production equipment. Metal braided stainless steel hose, teflon braided metal hose is the focus of the company's business product, the sales quantity is big, wide range, good quality and good performance, is the vast number of enterprises, factories and traders of suppliers; Companies strong technical force, exquisite production technology, detection means, after-sales service and thoughtful. Metal braided stainless steel hose, teflon braided metal hose, would find shenzhen sharp quality, corrosion resistance, long service life. Metal hose products sales network all over the country, welcome to inquire order, we will give you the factory price!

metal braided stainless steel hose, teflon braided by ptfe pipe steel wire braided metal hose, on both ends of the loaded on hose assemblies, metal joint with high and low temperature resistance, compression, anti-corrosive, non-stick and long life and other characteristics; Its inner structure is metal hose, its characteristic is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, non-stick characteristics; Outer layer coated by adopts stainless steel SUS304 woven network, strengthen the hardness of tube, improve the compression and protection, this series of metal hose with compact structure, bearing capacity is strong, large amount of compensation, can withstand the axial reciprocating motion; Subject to lateral displacement and Angle displacement; Can regulate and control the pressure; Lower voice, decrease vibration, etc. Suitable for rubber, plastic, clothing, cars, machine tools, shipbuilding, hydraulic motor, diesel engine, paper and other industries do, such as steam pressure, steam delivery hose. To transport liquid, gas, and heating and strong corrosive medium other hose has a better performance and longevity.

shenzhen sharp production of metal hose technology first-class, complete specifications. Product quality assurance, timely delivery. Our factory has passed ISO9001 international quality system, over the years has been to strengthen the enterprise internal management, insisted that strives for the survival by the quality of the products, seek development by production benefit. The attitude of honesty, high-profile management requirements, to provide customers with quality service. Strict cost management, providing customers with low price, high quality metal hose. 'credibility, customer first 'is our factory manages the factory objective, it is the foundation of our contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained. Our high quality products and excellent service, won the general customers the high praise and patronage, establish a good reputation in the community, our factory will continue to be in line with & other; The quality good faith, reasonable price, considerate service, customer first & throughout; The management idea, wholeheartedly for the general customer service.

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