Metal hose, stainless steel hose industry applications are those?

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-05

metal hose, stainless steel hose industry application is as follows:

1. Iron and steel metallurgy industry, metal hose is gradually from product competition to price competition performance, basic finalize the design product structure, the industry application of metal hose widely.

2。 Petrochemical industry, the situation is relatively complex, on the one hand, large diameter high pressure hose and tank central drainage hose's increasing market demand, and new product development in the field of domestic far could not reach the designated position. The hose on the other hand, some occasions, the phenomenon of the other alternative products, such as terminal piping nonmetallic pipe that appeared on the market ( Light weight and pressure is appropriate) 。 Due to the petrochemical industry is a bigger market, the domestic stainless steel hose for competition in this field, in the field of the cost of new product development is bigger also.

3。 Railway locomotive industry. Metal hose, gooseneck, LED tube, lamp tube due to the ministry data used to finalize the design provisions for the composite form of rubber hose, product structure change is not very big in recent years, at present mainly for price and service competition. But in the long run, due to the complicated working condition, the compound of the uncertainty of the hose is damaged, from the point of the development of the industry abroad hose, replaced by metal hose is inevitable, so the development of the product is far from over.

4。 Ship industry, products in addition to the need to inspect by the classification society, without special product technical performance requirements, but according to the foreign domestic data shows, the market demand is very big.

5。 Civil construction, water conservancy installation etc, except some stereotypes of hose ( Such as water pipes, etc. ) , instead of thick wall pipe bend the trend of the domestic haven't development, according to the Japan, according to its domestic market prospect as water heater hose.

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