Noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation pipe brand by faith, your!

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-28

shenzhen sharp is manufacturing various duct manufacturers, has a mature production technology, advanced production equipment. Noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation pipe is the focus of the company's business product, the sales quantity is big, wide range, good quality and good performance, is the vast number of enterprises, factories and traders of suppliers; Companies strong technical force, exquisite production technology, advanced detection methods, after-sales service and thoughtful. Noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation pipe brand by faith, your! Duct products sales network all over the country, welcome to inquire order, we will give you the factory price!

noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation pipe with high strength and flame retardant PVC film around the high elastic spiral line produced by steel wire, high strength, acid and alkali waste gas, duct soft, telescopic type, suitable for all kinds of machine vacuum and exhaust emissions and various kinds of exhaust system, etc.

noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation pipe applied to guidance, heat and air conditioning for plastic industrial granular dry, dust removal and extraction plant, heaters, air blast heater eduction and welding gas discharge, used for exhaust gas equipment, engine structure, heat engines, aircraft equipment and military equipment, accord with DIN4102 - flame retardant B1, wear resistance protection, alkali and acid resistance, good chemical resistance, bending radius approximately equal to the diameter.

noss high-temperature air duct, ventilation tube in the middle of the use of special heat fiber, internal and external coating glue, elastic wire coating on tube, looks white line fiber reinforcement; Temperature range: about - 70 ℃ to + 350 ℃ process: after + 450 ℃ high temperature curing forming advantages: bending tube wall not concave, won't produce deformation, excellent extraction and transmission; 19 - better heat resistance performance, the inside diameter specifications 40MM; Article 4 m /.

shenzhen sharp production duct technology first-class, complete specifications. Product quality assurance, timely delivery. Our business objective is: & other; Strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation, by the good faith cooperation. ” The management idea, wholeheartedly for your service. At present, the company's products have passed the technical appraisal and products meet the national and ministerial standard and has to achieve standardization, seriation. At the same time, our company can according to user requirements for product formulation. Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad to our company, negotiate business, enhance friendship, we will provide you with sincere supreme service. Our high quality products and excellent service, won the general customers the high praise and patronage, establish a good reputation in the community, our factory will continue to be in line with & other; The quality good faith, reasonable price, considerate service, customer first & throughout; The management idea, wholeheartedly for the general customer service.

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