Novel foods with nylon hose can be safely used in water pump food production, and there are not ordinary life

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-09

Bioprene nylon hose is a proprietary advanced thermal material, used in Watson - today Marlow Brede lSPX nylon hose pump. Company said, Bioprene is a beige material, nylon hose can be safely used in water of food production, but also the service life of the general. And for many years to Watson Marlow low-pressure Bioprene phase of peristaltic pump, nylon tube materials have higher ratings. This new type of nylon hose material can be used in Bredel velocity can be as high as 8750 litre/hr SPX40, 50 mm pump. The natural rubber and nylon hose have certain patience and chemical compatibility. Do not need reinforcement Bioprene nylon hose, can be used for pressure as high as 3. 5 bar operating environment. He can use a common detergent to wash, including those containing nitric acid substances, does not cause damage. For the connection with recycled tap Bredel pump provided by the clean tool is meaningful.

recently, after a nylon hose apply project management center, has agreed to the competent department for examination and approval, the county to implement the lightweight nylon hose irrigation mechanization technology promotion projects. Lightweight nylon hose irrigation mechanization technology is to use the specialized equipment will have the pressure of water is sprayed into the air, crop water supply. Can be used for irrigation comprehensive technology, to enhance the overall use of the irrigation water resources, increase crop yield. The nylon hose technology in addition to a large number of water conservation, also has the same, the province, soil conservation, favorable to the increase production of crops and strong adaptability, etc. Nylon hose is should the county agricultural machinery center to let the county farmers and a practical and popular.

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