Nylon hose, nylon bellows, the use of flame retardant nylon hose notes and performance purposes is introduced

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-30

nylon hose, nylon corrugated pipe, nylon flame retardant hose to use: insert the cable into the nylon tube, deserve to go up again in shenzhen's sharp hose co. , LTD. , the production of RQG1, SM series hose connection, nylon bellows flexibility, resistance to distortion, bending performance is good, can bear heavier load; Acid, such as lubricating oil, cooling fluid, the surface luster, friction resistance; Carrying capacity, can bear the weight of the foot, not broken, not variant, can quickly recover, and itself without any damage.

nylon hose, nylon corrugated pipe, nylon flame retardant hose attributes:

1. All kinds of pipe flame retardant and fire retardant;

2。 Pipe mouth and held separately;

3。 Pipe color, length and packaging have special requirements, may be agreed upon by both parties of supply and demand;

4。 All of the specifications of the pipe, inner diameter, outside diameter in mm.

in the following cases suggest using PA6 ( Nylon 6) Bellows: no sulfuric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, methanol and strong oxidizer environment; Soluble in ethylene glycol in the high temperature, glacial acetic acid, chloride ethanol, propylene glycol, 1, 5 e diol, trichloroethylene, methanol solution of zinc chloride and phenol, cresol and other solvents. Flame retardant nylon hose, nylon corrugated pipe, nylon tube is mainly used in the temperature range in - 34 ~ 150 ℃ environment; Used in automobiles, motorcycles and other motor vehicle wiring harness sheath; Can also be used for household electrical appliances, precision machine tool equipment such as wire harness sheath; For a variety of dynamic, vegetable oil and mineral oil had good stability; Various concentrations of alkali. Both appearance and soft in mechanical properties at the same time, with enough with excellent flexibility; Compared with the plate steel tubes, the unit length of corrugated pipe has the advantage of light quality, save materials, reduce energy consumption, low price; Chemical corrosion resistance is strong, can withstand the effects of acid and alkali in the surrounding environment; Corrugated shape of pipe on the surrounding environment can be enhanced by load resistance, and increase its flexibility, so that continuous laying on uneven objects; Interface convenient and good sealing performance, easy handling, easy installation, reduce labor intensity, shorten the construction period; Use of wide temperature range, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, use the security; Good electrical insulation performance, is an ideal material to wire casing.

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