Peristaltic pump silicone hose is an imported silicone rubber raw materials, metal sulfide production technology, standardized production of high-performance food-grade silicone tube

by:Xuanyuan     2020-07-27

peristaltic pump silicone hose is an imported silicone rubber raw materials, metal sulfide production technology, standardized production of high-performance food-grade silicone tube, ensure the pump pipe meets the requirements of tolerances for size, flow precise and reliable, stable performance. With non-toxic, physiological inertia, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, high and low temperature, resistant to compression deformation, strong resilience, tear resistance is strong, high transparency. Different tube roller extrusion repeatedly, friction resistance ability is different. Different type of tube, pipe, pump head, running speed has a different life. In the pump system called the flexible life, life in a particular application, the characteristics of the pump is very consistent. Pump running at low speed can get a longer service life of hose, are widely used in the GMP pharmaceutical, biological engineering, molecular biology, fine chemical industry, environmental protection, scientific research and production in the field of food processing, etc.

choose peristaltic pump silicone hose should consider the factors as follows:

1, resistance to chemical corrosion/chemical compatibility: the transmission of different fluid, the hose should be showed excellent chemical performance, which is called chemical compatibility. Such as: good adsorption, low temperature resistance, not easy ageing, no swelling, corrosion resistant, low deposition. Chemical corrosion resistance decreases with the rise of temperature, and have no influence in hose chemicals at room temperature may with the temperature increasing impact on the hose.

2, pressure: the application of the peristaltic pump restricted by hose pressure performance. If the system pressure exceeds the pressure of the hose, hose will swell, leading to excessive wear of hose or hose burst. Factors that affect the hose pressure are: material, diameter and wall thickness of the case.

3, temperature: hose to adapt to the working temperature range is user factor to consider. The temperature of the different materials have different performance.

4, size: the size of the hose has a direct influence on traffic, peristaltic pump design will consider apply the hose inside diameter and wall thickness, match the hose size or pipe number range. The inner diameter of the hose determines the flow; Wall thickness influence on the springback of the hose is compression ability, also has a great influence to the life of the hose.

5, transparency, whether should use transparent pipes, first to see if the operator need to observe the status of the pipe fluid, it remains to be seen whether the fluid is sensitive to light.

6, permeability: for some sensitive to gas fluid, such as susceptible to oxidation fluid or anaerobic cell culture medium, the user should consider pipe permeability factors, in general, the permeability of high performance food grade silicone tube is highest.

7, : high-performance food-grade silicone tube for related purposes may must be related. Such as the United States pharmacopoeia standard USP, EP European pharmacopoeia standards, the United States food and drug administration FDA standard, the United States department of agriculture standard NSF standard USDA and health foundation.

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