Pharmaceutical grade silicone hose is the health level of imported silica gel raw material, combined with the process of a kind of health level hose

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-06

pharmaceutical grade silicone hose is the health level of imported silica gel raw material, combined with the process of a kind of health level hose, and flexible; For high pressure steam sterilization; Influence extremely temperature resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, resistance to wet; No legacy to taste and smell is medium. Woven reinforced layer in the soft tube wall strengthened the hose compressive ability, through a large amount of physical, chemical and biological detection, widely used in beverages, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical and biological laboratories, and other fields, such as used for milk tanker pumping liquid food; Food and beverage filling production line conveyor and all kinds of fruit juice, milk and food additives; Daily-use chemical manufacturing industry vaseline, alcohol, cosmetics, daily chemical raw materials and all kinds of cosmetics such as dilute solution; The pharmaceutical industry and chemical transport agents, dilute solution.

pharmaceutical grade silicone hose is laboratory, food production, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the choice of fluid conveying. The smooth hose tube surface, can avoid the growth of bacteria, reduce the adsorption of fluid, easy to clean; Dissolution, not contaminated fluids. Non-toxic, no hemolysis and pyrogen of ingredients. But high pressure sterilization, irradiation sterilization or Eto sterilization. Under the condition of strict quality control production, ensure product identity. Health level of hose ingredients meet the requirements of the compatible biochemical character in the American pharmacopoeia ( USP) 3 edition 6 20 specifications; 3 - A health standard and the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) Chapter 21, 177. Section 2600 specification; Biocompatibility ISO10993 medical equipment standard. Application industry: food, beverage, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, instrument.

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