Plastic coated metal hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, axial tension to withstand the nominal diameter of 6

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-14

plastic coated metal hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, its axial tensile force can withstand the nominal diameter of 6, is on the core tube of stainless steel metal hose, along the core wall of concave and convex surface tiejin, coated with a layer of cable PVC material, has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, wear resistance, tensile property, water proofing property and provide excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. Plastic coated metal hose can be freely bent into various Angle and radius of curvature, are the same in all directions softness and durability. Stainless steel flexible metal hose between pitch, have good scalability, non-blocking and stiffness phenomenon; Applied to protect wires and insulation, waterproof, and can promote the cable bending and beautiful, in the machine tool equipment, hoisting machinery, elevator manufacturing, ship building and power stations, factories, power plants and other electrical engineering equipment such as electrical wiring and has a wide range of USES.

plastic coated metal hose is made of thin-walled seamless or the welding of stainless steel metal hose through high precision plastic forming processing. Due to the elastic properties of plastic coated metal hose profile determines the hose has good softness and fatigue resistance, making it easy to absorb all kinds of motion and deformation of cyclic load, especially in the piping system has the ability to compensate for large displacement. Plastic coated metal hose has two forms: one is the circular plastic coated metal hose, one kind is spiral plastic coated metal hose, with light weight, flexible, good connection with attachment strength, electrical properties and resistance to oil, splash water, etc, are widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, etc, have good strength, good insulation, and can be embedded in reinforced concrete, and can according to need to finalize the design makes up for the steel pipe and stainless steel metal hose and PVC pipe construction weakness in certain occasions.

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