Plastic coated metal hose materials added the fire flame retardants, structure for the buckle type increase tensile strength, it is not easy to break or deformation

by:Xuanyuan     2020-08-25

plastic coated metal hose material fire retardant agent is added to the structure of the buckles type increase tensile strength, it is not easy to break or deformation, has the ultra soft and bending properties, internal structure in the smooth and easy in lead wire and cable, PVC, thickening layer surface smooth, has excellent electrical insulation properties, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, explosion-proof, good shielding, tensile resistance, UV ultraviolet ray; , this series of metal hose is widely used in railway locomotives, transportation system engineering, air conditioning, all kinds of machinery, power plants, chemical industry, electric power transmission and distribution system, communication system, ship, building, in and outside of the plant part of the wiring protection.

plastic coated metal hose can freely bent into various Angle and radius of curvature, and in all directions all have the same softness and durability, therefore, commonly known as the snakeskin tube, it is mainly used for safety protection electric circuit, the protecting of thermal meter and tubular high voltage cable inner support, etc. , are widely used in automotive wiring harness machinery and equipment, engineering installation, instrument and meter, aerospace, petrochemical, electric power, railway, airport aviation shipbuilding and other fields.

plastic coated metal hose performance advantages as follows:

1, the series of metal hose light weight, only a quarter of the steel pipe weight, therefore energy-saving materials listed by the planning department of energy project.

2, corrosion resistance is superior, because of using stainless steel belt or adopt galvanized process, it is the corrosion resistance of steel pipe and PVC pipe can't fit.

3, shielding performance is good, the test results show that the same as the steel pipe.

4, unlimited length, according to the needs of engineering, arbitrary cut, therefore reducing the consumption of the fraction.

5, the series of metal hose appearance with screw thread, have corresponding all kinds of accessories, bending no machinery, as long as the special-purpose cutter cutting site construction, convenient, in the construction and decoration application working hours can be saved 40% 90%. In the shipbuilding industry can improve the work efficiency of six.

6, the series of metal hose has good strength, good insulation, and can be embedded in reinforced concrete, and can according to need to finalize the design makes up for the steel tube and PVC tube construction weakness in certain occasions.

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