Plastic corrugated pipe, plastic hose novel design, reasonable structure, good flexibility

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-15

plastic corrugated pipe, plastic ventilation pipe on the structural design of the use of special & quot; Circular groove & quot; Different cross section forms, this kind of pipe design, reasonable structure, break through the ordinary steel tubes & quot; Plate & quot; Traditional structure, make the pipe has enough compressive strength and impact strength, but also has good flexibility.

plastic corrugated pipe, the structure of the plastic ventilation pipe, corrugated pipe and can be divided into single wall corrugated pipe and double-wall corrugated pipe. Single-walled plastic corrugated pipe is refers to the plastic tube inside and outside of the wall have corrugated pipe, high rigidity, can be arbitrary bending, infinite long dress. Double-wall corrugated pipe is smooth inner wall and outside wall corrugated ( Corrugated shape is rectangular, trapezoidal, sinusoid, etc. ) Of plastic pipe, it is formed by extrusion corrugated outer wall and a layer of smooth wall a melt extrusion. Plastic corrugated pipe, plastic ventilation tube in addition to the common plastic all the good corrosion resistance, high insulation, the lining is smooth, small flow resistance, and other characteristics, by using the special hollow ring stiffness and good strength and toughness. Under the satisfies the requirement of the same strength, stiffness, the double-wall corrugated pipe than ordinary plastic pipe material saving 30% 50%, better technical economical, convenient installation and transportation, reduce the labor intensity of the construction personnel, at the same time, it reduces the total investment of project, but small curvature.

plastic corrugated pipe, plastic ventilation tubes can be widely used in golf courses, playgrounds and other light load conditions such as drainage, water; Indoor decorate wire casing; Automotive wire casing; Prestressed anchor cable casing; Air conditioner drain, etc. Plastic corrugated pipe, plastic ventilation tube can be widely used in the highway, slope.

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