Plastic wire tube, transparent plastic steel tube used in medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industry ideal

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-20

plastic wire tube, food-grade plastic hose for medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industry ideal, low resistance corrosion, no scaling, smooth, heat preservation is not wax, wear-resisting, light quality, such as the common characteristic of plastic hose, and resistance to high pressure, corrosion resistant performance is good, can bear about - 40 ℃ to + 100 ℃ temperature, excluding additives; Tear at inhibiting particle buildup and crusting, tolerance; And ordinary steel tube: common steel pipe in the use of easy to harden after six months, the color, the bending performance is poor, affect the normal use; Shenzhen's sharp anti-aging agent is added to the production of steel tube, remain flexible characteristics under long time use, do not change color, the service life of ordinary steel tube 3, used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing industry ideal.

plastic wire pipe, made from food grade plastic hose with biological pharmaceutical grade elastomer, or more than the USP 23 cass VI, the FDA 21 CFR - 177. 2600, USDA and 3 a standard, used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing process of liquid transfer, filling and steam, and air when the transfer of design is bending; Resistance to tear at the decomposition of no smell and taste at the same time; Its flexibility and high wear resistance, solvent resistance and most chemical agents, will happen under high sustained stress is brittle fracture, suitable for high flow rate of wear and tear force sand, gravel, fine grained useless glass and chip gas and liquid environment silo conveyor glass industry, docks, steel mills, mines, shipyards, cement and other conveying pipe when strong protective tube.

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