Polyurethane (pu) material of food grade stainless steel hose tube, material component meets the requirement of biochemical compatible personality

by:Xuanyuan     2020-09-25

food-grade polyurethane (pu) materials, stainless steel hose tube material components conforms to the requirement of biochemical compatibility of character, high tensile, Zhang Liqiang, tear strength, abrasion resistance, resistance to flex, penetration resistance, good low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, such as performance, in line with the USD CLASS VI biological reaction test standards and rules, comply with the eu directive 2002/72 / CE food grade, and stainless steel food grade hose has good resilience and the advantages of long service life, applicable to industrial and mining, agriculture and water conservancy, civil engineering, food, petroleum, chemical industry, sanitary industry vacuum suction powder, granules, conveying water, oil, chemical material, food, etc. , have the wear of solid, such as dust, powder, fiber, chip, and grain, gas and liquid environment.

food grade stainless steel hose with lining steel skeleton, the safe and stable performance is designed for the health care industry, research and development of biological pharmaceutical industry, health standard CEE90/128 by FDA ARRETE DU, widely used in beverages, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical and biological laboratories, and other fields, stainless steel food grade hose can also be used for milk tanker pumping liquid food; Food and beverage filling production line conveyor and all kinds of fruit juice, milk and food additives; Daily-use chemical manufacturing industry vaseline, alcohol, cosmetics, daily chemical raw materials and all kinds of cosmetics such as dilute solution; The pharmaceutical industry and chemical transport agents, dilute solution and drug safety.

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